Thursday, July 06, 2017

The History of Science: A Literature Approach

"The History of Science curriculum box was like opening a present on Christmas: a box full of gorgeous books!"

"This set works equally as well with the science geared kids and the non-science type. All four of my kids have engaged well with the variety of books and experiments suggested in the guide. My now college-aged kids still refer back to their time in this study as the primary reason for their success in recognizing various scientists in their coursework. I highly recommend this lit pack."

"I feel so blessed to have stumbled across this lovely curriculum this summer. This is our first year of homeschool and my daughter is in 4th grade. She is extremely into science so this was a natural fit. I have a complete curriculum crush." 

A History of Science: A Literature Approach to Scientific Principles and their Discoverers combines your science and history requirements in one! Great biographies are coupled with hands-on experiments, lab reports, discussion questions, research projects, and mapping to create a thought-provoking exploration of this incredible world we inhabit. As one reviewer, The Homeschool Scientist, says in her write up on our program, "Studying the history of science allows us to see how scientific knowledge has been growing and building over the centuries. We learn about the men and women who were curious enough about the natural world that they observed, hypothesized, and experimented to find answers. We gain appreciation for their dedication, their intellect, and their findings. We become inspired by them and all they have discovered and created."

That's the whole philosophy beyond this award-winning study! A Cathy Duffy "Top Pick for Home School",  Rebecca's course uses biographies to tell the life stories of famous scientists like Archimedes, Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Curie, George Washington Carver, Einstein, and others as well as hands-on experiments to prove the scientists' theories and test their discoveries. An enriching way to introduce biology, chemistry, and physics. For grades 3-7, this one-year study will cover basic scientific principles and the history of scientific study beginning in ancient Greece and continuing through the 1990s. Contains 85 lessons, dozens of experiments, lab reports, and much more. Introduce the fascinating world of science to your child and spark their curiosity and desire to understand the world.

To learn more about the study be sure to check out the detailed review from Line upon Line Learning. Rebecca outlines the study guide, talks about the experiments (even provides a video of one!) and share excerpts from the guide. It's a great look at the fundamentals of the course. Also check out The Homeschool Scientist's review for a scientist's perspective. Also, check out Cathy Duffy's detailed review

Click on each thumbnail to see sample pages from the study guide:
The study also utilizes our History of Science Timeline, providing a visual structure to the chronological progress of science and discovery. And everything is available in a discounted pack that ships for free! 

We hope you find this helpful. Please never hesitate to contact us with any questions. We can be reached at 800.889.1978,, on Facebook, and Instagram.

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