Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Medieval History: A Literature Approach for Intermediate Grades

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Before we share anything about our Medieval History: A Literature Approach for Intermediate Grades, you may find it helpful to read this series of blog posts from Audria. She wrote in detail about this study as she used it throughout a school year with her son: IntroductionWeeks 1-6Weeks 7-12Weeks 12-18Weeks 19-24Weeks 25-30Conclusion
Another helpful review is available from The Kennedy Adventures.

And here, author Rebecca Manor shares her thoughts on studying the medieval world: 
This period in history is so exciting and it is my hope that this full-color guide will open up new worlds to you and your students! The suggested grade levels are 5th - 8th grade and the guide is structured to allow for you to personalize it to each student. It is formatted in 35 weekly lessons with reading assignments, mapping activities, research and discussion topics, hands-on and craft suggestions, vocabulary lists and much more. Knowing that each student is different, I have tried to set it up to allow you to personalize the study to your student's unique needs. For example, a 5th or 6th grader would be able to use the research topics to discuss new ideas and historical events while an 8th grader would be encouraged to write short research essays. For students who are more tactile learners, there's hand-on activities to encourage the development of those skills. One thing that I try to emphasize in the guide is the fact that it is a guide and it's supposed to make your job easier, not harder! It's chock full of ideas and activities but they're not all required. The focus should be the literature, not checking off every single activity. The activities are there to enrich your study, so pick and choose according to the educational needs and interests of your students. Have fun with it!"

The term Middle Ages probably conjures up images of brave knights and fair ladies, feasts and tournaments, castles and cathedrals. These are the elements of this time period that captures our imagination. In this course students will learn about King Richard, King Arthur, Saladin, Queen Eleanor, Joan of Arc, Shahrazad and others. They will learn about Martin Luther who revealed a new way to approach God and about John Wycliffe who organized the Bible. Students will read about the life of Columbus, whose discovery of North America changed the world forever. The middle Ages was a very busy time full of change. Brilliant minds lived between the years 400 and 1522, the years that are covered in this study. By reading some of the best literature on the subject, students will be encouraged to discuss new ideas and social changes. Links to websites, hands-on activities, discussion questions, mapping activities and much more will bring the Middle Ages to life. Set up in 35 weekly lessons, this study guide provides everything you need to complete an exciting literature based history course.

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Our guides are open and go, all you need are the books and a notebook for your student! And everything is available in a discounted pack that ships for free! 

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  1. Nice review. I wish I could afford to buy this whole kit for this upcoming school year. My daughter is wanting to write a novel based in this time period and desires to study the time period for her history studies to help her prepare. I've tried finding it used but no such luck, yet. And our library only has a few of the books, but even those are currently unavailable because the library is closed until at least December for renovations. Hopefully I will be able to try one of your programs in the future.