Wednesday, July 05, 2017

History of the Horse

"I bought History of the Horse for my fourth grade daughter, and I am so pleased with my choice! It was a huge hit with her! She mostly loved the great stories and the drawing assignments integrated into the lessons. felt it was a great curriculum for introducing her to more independent learning and research skills." 
-Jimmie from Curriculum Choice

"This wonderful study covers science and history as well, but I've assigned it primarily for the literature piece. It uses the Marguerite Henry horse books in addition to other great literature like The Black Stallion and Black Beauty. [My daughter] is really enjoying the study."
-Melissa from Reflections from Drywood Creek

"My son loved this program!" 
-Jess M.

"I got this program for my daughter who is a horse fanatic. She loved learning so much about horses. She was so excited to do this study because she could not believe learning about horses actually counted as "school". She still cherishes these books several years later and will not part with them."

Looking to branch out from more traditional history programs? Or maybe you have a horse lover in the family who needs something to spark an interest in history? Want to combine great literature, fascinating history and geography, and some equine science? This is the program for you. It's such a fun take on history and has been popular since it we first published it twenty years ago!

Hilary Berg Severson, the author, is a home school grad who studied history in college and she brought her life-long love of horses to every page of this study. It utilizes the wonderful Marguerite Henry books and includes drawing and mapping assignments, great research projects, and much more. To read reviews from families who have used this popular program, check out Jimmie's from Curriculum Choice, and Melissa's from Reflections from Drywood Creek.Beginning in the 1700's with the Godolphin Arabian and continuing through the early 1900's, students will learn of the Lipizzaner stallions, wild mustangs, the American bred Morgan horse, the Chincoteague ponies and other breeds. Course utilizes the Marguerite Henry award-winning books, Walter Farley's Black Stallion and Anna Sewell's Black Beauty. Learn horse anatomy, breed identification, basic sketching of horses, charting blood lines and Bible memory verses regarding the horse! 3rd-7th grade level. Contains 92 lessons and it is suggested that three lessons be completed each week.

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And everything is available in a discounted pack that ships for free!

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