Monday, June 19, 2017

Why BFB?

"This has easily been the most natural and relaxed curriculum I’ve used in my entire eight years of homeschooling. Ever." Shelly

"I can't recommend this curriculum to enough people. We used it for my daughter's 4th grade year. I would say the only problem we had was that she loved the books so much that several times when I would assign her the reading, she would tell me she finished the book already!!! She took them to bed and read them over and over all year. We absolutely love this curriculum." Tonya F.

"We just finished up the early American package and loved it! The kids looked forward to the stories and retained so much info. I was surprised how much they learned!" Tamara

"Our family thoroughly enjoyed the Early American Intermediate study this year. History comes alive with this wonderful collection of books!" Stacia

For those of you who are not familiar with our studies, here's what they are: big piles of wonderfully written, beautifully illustrated, and impeccably researched literature organized by an easily adaptable, clear, simple-to-follow study guide. We began writing our study guides way back in 1986 and have been improving them ever since. We believe that teaching history using the best literature available is not only the greatest way to teach this important subject, it's the most fun, interesting, engaging, and thought-provoking approach. And our guides also make it the easiest! We've put years into researching each guide: sorting through hundreds and hundreds of titles to find the very best books. We break down each collection of literature into approachable lessons with do-able reading assignments, conversation provoking comprehension questions, fun activities, vocabulary lists, and more. For sample pages, click here.
Additionally, as established publishers, if we find a wonderful book that is no long readily available because it's out of print, we search out copyright holders, restore text and illustrations, and bring these lost treasures back in to print! Ensuring that the lost literary treasures of yesteryear are available to today's families is one of the passions that drives us! Did you know that the following titles are all titles that are exclusively published by Beautiful Feet Books?

To learn more about teaching history using literature instead of textbooks check out our website, We have a "Getting Started" page to help you sort through your options and if you want to read more about this approach, check out these articles and our FAQ page.

We will be updating the blog over the next few weeks with more reviews as well as detailed looks at each of the history programs we offer. Please post any questions you may have in the comments and we'll do our best to answer as quickly as possible. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook, linked below. 

We hope you find this helpful. Please never hesitate to contact us with any questions. We can be reached at 800.889.1978,, on Facebook, and Instagram.

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