Thursday, June 01, 2017

Review: Do I need the guide?

Our review series continues with a  Heidi's review of our Modern American and World history study for grades 5-8. This study picks up where our Early American History studies end and is chock full of wonderful literature selections. One question or comment we often hear is "I'll just buy the books and skip the study guide." This review, as well as all the others we're posting in this series, show why it's worth investing in the guide. It does ALL the work for you! We put months, if not years, into the development of each study guide, so you don't have to! And we keep our guides affordably priced (between $14 and $30 for a full-year study) so you really have nothing to lose. But don't trust us, see what Heidi has to say:

"This 83 pages, full color guide makes it simple and easy for you to open, read, and go! There was no prep work (other than having the study guide and literature on hand), and no printing. Each day I open the book to the next lesson and follow the simple directions. Teaching Middle School History couldn’t be easier!"

Read the complete review here.

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