Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Review: Teaching History at the High School Level

Photo: A Diligent Heart
Welcome! Our 2017 REVIEW SERIES continues with a peek at one of our high school level programs. Marlene of A Diligent Heart shares her family's experience using our Modern U.S. and World History for high school. Her review provides all sorts of details on the structure, scope, sequence, and other components of the study and she had this to say about the discussion questions:

"These aren’t your typical question and answer discussion questions. They are legit get-your-kid-thinking discussion questions with the goal to build toward a deeper understanding and ideas instead of a simple answer to the question.
"Ideally, this is a fun opportunity for you, the parent, to join in and dialog with your kiddo about what they are reading. Because this is such a thought provoking set up, I feel this approach would be incredibly beneficial."
Read more about this classical/eclectic homeschooling family's experience here. Thank you Marlene!

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  1. Thank you for this review! We are going to be using Modern US and World History next year with our sophomore! We are finishing the Early American and World History this year for ninth grade and this will be a good segue.

    We had planned to use the Ancient History guide and books for next year but unfortunately the books didn't look to be challenging enough for our advanced reader (he reads at a college level). I would love to see Beautiful Feet revise that one and provide higher level reading.