Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rea on Read-Aloud Revival Podcast!

Come listen to the lovely Sarah Mackenzie as she interviews Rea on life and literature and the power books have to change our lives.  Rea shares from her own personal experience as a reader, a mom, a home school mother, and publisher of children's books. Sarah and Rea cover the importance of nurturing readers by giving an abundance of books that are beautifully written and, whenever possible, also beautifully illustrated.  This develops a child's palate with a love of beauty that will carry them through their entire lives and inform how they make choices themselves. The present emphasis on teaching history chronologically is explored through the lens of what science knows about child brain development.  And finally the power of memorization and how we use that in our children's lives is looked at in light of great men who changed history. Access the interview here. You don't want to miss this as you embark on a new school year! 

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