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History of Science Update!

Our new revised and expanded History of Science study guide and book pack are almost ready! We hit some bumps along the way–not super surprising but we have not written notes for a book only to find out right before printing that it's gone out of print! Anyway, the final editing stage us upon us and the guide will be available shortly. Downloads will be available even sooner. In the mean time, we wanted to share with you the book list because we are very excited about it! We've changed up the resources entirely and hope that you find the new books a lot more approachable and informative. We've also added five (!) new biographies and expanded the scientists studied in detail. Experiments from The Way Science Works will tie in principles and scientific discoveries with the men and women who discovered them!


Follow the lives and work of over 50 major innovators as you set off on a journey from the earliest inventions in recorded history to the most recent developments in science and technology. Colorful, decade-by-decade catalog of the world's greatest inventors. Illustrated with 800+ drawings, and bursting with facts, Great Inventors celebrates ingenuity of people throughout the ages. Fascinating read for those curious about the notable, and not so notable, technical achievements that have shaped our lives.

The Way Science Works by Robin Kerrod and Dr. Sharon Ann Holgate
Eye-opening experiments and exceptional photography bring science to life. Discover science in action, from the principles that explain the natural world around us to the theories behind today’s fast-moving technology. Test key theories in more than 60 hands-on projects using items from around the house! Next-generation visuals and cutting-edge content help illuminate major scientific developments in this book that is packed full of facts about famous scientists, new technology, and much more! 

The History of Science Timeline by Christen Blechschmid
This time line goes back to the ancient world of Pythagoras, Aristotle and Archimedes, to the medieval world of Copernicus and Galileo, up to the modern world of Edison and Einstein. With a total of twenty-one illustrations many of the world's most notable scientists will be brought to life for your student. All the figures are dated with a brief explanation concerning the discoveries of each individual. Your student will more fully appreciate the progress of science through the centuries.


Wonderful biography of one of the most important scientists of Ancient Greece and an explanation of his contributions to physics, astronomy, and mathematics. Archimedes was a most remarkable ancient Greek. His belief that truth is important for its own sake, not for its practical applications, is of enormous importance. This book shows how exciting Archimedes found ideas.

Along Came Galileo by Jeanne Bendick
Often referred to as the "Archimedes of his time" Galileo was forever asking questions. These questions led to some of the most important answers of the scientific world—and to his contributions to astronomy, physics, and mathematics. Galileo also advanced the astronomical telescope and invented the compound microscope. He measured the rotation of the sun, invented the thermometer, a geometrical compass and the pendulum clock. 

Leonardo da Vinci by Diane Stanley
Drawing from a range of sources, including her subject's extensive notebooks, Stanley's conversational narrative describes Leonardo da Vinci's astoundingly far-reaching and varied achievements. Young readers will come to appreciate both da Vinci's universally renowned accomplishments as a painter and the breadth of his scientific experimentation and research. A virtuosic work. 

Born in England in 1643, Isaac Newton grew up in the age when Renaissance thinkers were challenging accepted ideas throughout Europe. Fascinated by all earthly science, Newton developed laws of motion and universal gravitation which also furthered our understanding of the movement of celestial bodies. This vibrant biography profiles the famed physicist as an acclaimed mathematician, astronomer, alchemist, philosopher, and inventor as well. 

Ben Franklin was one of the busiest men in the American colonies. Through his own hard work, he established a printing business in Philadelphia. He was also a postmaster, an inventor, a writer, and a diplomat. His inventions have improved the lives of millions of people and his exploration of electricity made huge advances in the field!

In 1856, when Louis Pasteur first began studying microbes in rotten sugar beet juice, he put into motion a chain of events that saved France's wine industry, and revolutionized medicine and biology. This is the true story of a man who helped save millions of lives. Because of his work, the diseases that had killed people for centuries were finally defeated. His imagination, patience, and clear thinking have transformed our world forever. 

The Story of Thomas Alva Edison by Margaret Cousins
Genius is 'one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.' So said Mr. Edison. America's greatest inventor's contribution to modern technology are all colorfully explained. Thomas Edison set up a laboratory in his basement when he was just ten years old. When he got older, he worked as a telegraph operator and found ways to make the telegraph work faster and more efficiently. He went on to invent revolutionary inventions that forever changed the way people live. 

George Washington Carver by Tonya Bolden
Born a slave, George Washington Carver grew up to become of the the most famous scientists in the world! He discovered how to improve crop conditions in the South by planting peanuts and sweet potatoes. He then invented hundreds of new ways to use these crops! His work was so important that Mr. Carver was honored by the President of the United States. He was loved and admired not only by other scientists, but by all who knew him!

This activity book tells the amazing true story of how two bicycle-making brothers from Ohio, with no more than high-school educations, accomplished a feat that forever changed the world. At a time when most people still hadn't ridden in an automobile, Wilbur and Orville Wright built the first powered, heavier-than-air flying machine. Woven throughout the heartwarming story of the two brothers are activities that highlight their ingenuity and problem-solving abilities as they overcame many obstacles to achieve controlled flight. 

Marie Curie’s Search for Radium by Beverly Birch and Christian Birmingham
Marie Curie's scientific research and discovery of radium in 1902, helped open the door to our modern nuclear age. This handsomely illustrated, documentary-style volume is filled with facts but conveys the drama of a good story. An exciting tale of scientific exploration for young readers. Learn about how this young woman from Poland changed our understanding of energy and led the way for other women to enter the field of science!

Following Einstein’s life from his boyhood in Germany and Italy to his time teaching in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany and finally ending up in the United States, this biography provides insight into the man who would change science forever. His famous theories changed the way scientists understood gravity, light, and energy. Quiet, absentminded, and kindhearted, Einstein’s genius went beyond science and his influence is felt far and wide.

Radio dramatization of the life of Alexander Graham Bell. Learn all about his childhood, struggles in school and his mother’s unwavering belief in her son’s abilities. The inventor of the telephone changed the way we communicate and this CD provides a wonderful biography of this remarkable inventor. 

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