Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Back to School! Resources to make your life easier.

While some families have been in school for a few weeks already, the majority of you are starting school today! Here are BFB we're excited for you and your students. We're here to support you in any way we can and look forward to hearing about your experiences this year.

For everyone using a BFB curriculum we'd like to remind you of some resources available to make your life a bit easier and ensure you have a great experience teaching history using the best literature available!

Free Resources

1. Free downloads for students using our Early American History for Primary grades. 

2. Answers to your FAQs are available here and here.

3. A listing of each book required for our primary and intermediate level programs is available here. Jr. and Sr. High book lists are available here.

4. If you have questions for other parents and teachers who use BFB, I would definitely recommend joining the BFB Users Group. It's run by the wonderful Samantha, a homeschooling mom, and is an amazing resource. The parents on this group are wonderfully encouraging and gracious and generous with their time. This page is entirely run by volunteers.

5. Additionally, the BFB Facebook Page is a great place to post questions, hear about sales and special offers, and see what other BFB customers are doing.

6. Study guide sample pages are available here.

7. The most popular and inspiring articles from BFB are all available here.

8. Us! We're here to help. So feel free to email or call with questions. You can email us at letters@bfbooks.com. Call us at 800.889.1978, post a question on the Facebook page, or leave a comment below.

9. And be sure to subscribe to this blog. We have some great articles coming up! Future topics include defending education for women, the false idol of self-esteem, and much more. Here's to a great new school year and getting to know one another a little better in this educational adventure.

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