Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Working out the new school year kinks

Just like many of you, we are working on getting things set up for the new school year and have a few updates to share with you.

1. Free downloads for our Early American History study guides are now available for instant access! You no longer need to enter payment information, just click on the links and they'll be instantly downloaded to your desktop. To access free instant downloads of the notebooking pages click here or visit the specific links below:

Early American History Primary notebooking pages

Early American History Intermediate notebooking pages

2. Our Articles Page has been fully updated to provide you with information on educational trends, inspire you in your teaching journey, and provide food for thought. You'll find some of our most popular and provocative blog posts all in one place along with information on the Charlotte Mason method, teaching history using literature, and much more. Click here to access it.

3. We've updated our Pinterest boards. Check them out for more activities, resources, etc.

4. The new Sr. High Medieval History Study Guide will be available for download tomorrow! We're very excited about this new edition. Check back here tomorrow for more details. Printed copies will be available in October.

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