Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Product Feature: The Revised and Expanded Geography Through Literature Study Guide

As many of you know we are working our way through each of our study guides and updating, expanding, and revising them. Our Geography Through Literature study guide is a perennial customer favorite. It's also a wonderful summers study for those of you looking to keep young minds engaged while also having a lot of fun and exploring new subjects! Using Holling C. Holling's wonderful books, Paddle to the Sea, Tree in the Trail, Minn of the Mississippi, and Seabird, students are exposed to much more than geography. In each fascinating story there are elements of biology, botany, history, and ecology. Follow carved model of a canoe with an Indian through the Great Lakes, discover the Mississippi through the story of a snapping turtle named Minn, uncover centuries of history observed by a cottonwood tree situated at a crossroads of American history and geography, and take to the seas with an ivory seagull carved by a whaler and handed down through generations of sailor. Each book is a door to another world and time. As a child I spent hours pouring over Holling's intricate drawings, so rich with detail. As an adult I now recognize the immense task the author undertook in writing these treasures; the research, the writing, the drawing. His passion for the subjects comes through each page.

In order to help teachers and parents get the most out of these wonderful books, our Geography Through Literature study guide employs the Charlotte Mason approach. Each lesson will help your students to read, reason, relate, and record using the discussion and comprehension topics, ideas for further research, helpful diagrams and illustrations, mapping activities, an answer key, and much more. There are ten lessons for each title and the mapping activities will utilize the specially designed Geography Through Literature Map Set. The full-color guide is available in both hardcopy and downloadable formats. For those of you interested in doing the study, we have a package with the study guide, books, and maps for only $63.95! That's an 18% savings!

If you have any questions about the study, feel free to ask in the questions form. And for those of you who have completed this study, feel free to share your experience and suggestions. We loving hearing from you and are inspired by the creative ways you use our curriculum!

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  1. Ooooh, I just did this last year w/ my 6th grader. I wish I had had the new version! I will be doing it w/ my youngest daughter in a couple of years, I may have to get a new guide, along w/ the maps, for her. It is a wonderful study!!