Friday, March 16, 2012

Online BFB Resources

Although we're admittedly late in carving out a little space in the blogging world, we have enjoyed watching the wonderful online homeschooling community grow over the past several years. It's been so inspiring to see all these homeschooling parents blogging about their experiences, curriculum choices, struggles, triumphs, and so much more. It seems there are now discussion boards for all sorts of topics, everything from using Charlotte Mason to homeschooling children with special needs. We'd like to share a couple online resources related to BFB. Jimmie over at Jimmie's Collage writes great curriculum reviews and she's recently posted a review of our History of the Horse study guide on Squidoo.

For people looking for interactive resources, one of our customers started a Yahoo! Group for BFB users and you can join it by clicking on the link.

This is a really great group with people discussing all sorts of topics related to education and using BFB curriculum. Some of the users even upload content for a few of the study guides!

At our website there are free resources available for download, the opportunity to review products, articles on education, and answers to frequently asked questions

And we're you blog? Have you connected with other homeschoolers online? What are your favorite online resources, websites, and blogs? Feel free to leave website addresses in the comments so others can be inspired as well. And if you've written a review of a BFB product, be sure to share that link. We are happy to receive helpful feedback, both positive and critical, as that helps us to continually strive to improve our products! 

Have a lovely weekend and happy reading!

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  1. My blog Pressing On is at
    I do have a reviews section but have not reviewed BFB yet. We have only used parts of the Teaching Character curriculum. The Geography unit is next on my plan - so excited that you have updated it.