Thursday, June 09, 2016

Summer Reading Aloud

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As you know, we're huge advocates of reading aloud! And we love that summer time can provide the space to read aloud even more if it's made a priority. In order to keep the reading light and fun for everyone there are a few things to keep in mind. Summer reading selections should be interesting for both parents and children. This great article provides some great suggested titles. Also, let conversations about the books develop organically. Try not to force certain points on your children but ask questions about themes, characters, and plot line. You may be surprised at where these discussions take you. Keep in mind that the benefits of reading aloud do not end when your child can read independently. We would argue that reading aloud as long as your children are at home has enormous benefits for family relationships and culture. Finally, give your children the freedom to move as they listen. This article provides 50 Alternatives to Sitting Quietly During Read Aloud Time.

Here are some resources for choosing great read-alouds this summer!

Read-Aloud Revival's Book List

Read-Aloud Favorites for Toddlers (that parents will enjoy too!)

Family Read-Alouds Part I

Family Read-Alouds Part II

Family Read-Alouds Part III

Family Read-Alouds Part IV 

Newbery Award Winners

Caldecott Award Winners

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