Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Publishing History

Following up from the article on the d'Aulaires, I thought we could share a bit more about our publishing history. As you know, Leif the Lucky was our first publishing "baby." Once we dipped our toes in the world of children's publishing, we found that we loved it and as more and more of the books we relied on for our study guides fell out-of-print, we began meeting with authors, their children and heirs, in order to seek permission to bring their works back in to print. It has been quite the adventure! We now publish books that are used in dozens of different curricula, are carried in museum shops around the country, and are beloved members of many of your home libraries. It's been such an honor to play a part in preserving this literary and historical heritage for the next generation. Here are the books we currently publish. They can all be viewed here.










Which of these titles have you read? Any favorites? Let us know. And if you have suggestions for favorite historical titles that are no longer available, contact us. We're always looking for "new" books to add to our collection.

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  1. Not exclusively historical, but I think someone should reprint the Dan Frontier readers.
    I love the Obadiah books!

  2. What a fabulous collection! Between the kids and I we have read all but The Daisy Chain, which is sitting on my shelf beckoning me, The Medieval Anthology, The World of William Penn, and The Cruise of the Arctic Circle. What can I say, we love Beautiful Feet :)