Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Role of Beauty

I'm continuing in my reading through Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie and although this is a book that could be easily read in an afternoon or two, it's so rich, convicting, and inspiring, I've been taking my time with it. I highly recommend it to all parents, regardless of whether you're going to be homeschooling or not. I'll be delving more deeply into this wonderful book soon, but when I came across the line above, it definitely echoed something that has been central to our philosophy at BFB. We believe that artwork can be just as important as the words of a children's story in imparting both a valuing of beauty as well as a love of story. 

In the 1980s when were were just starting out we were dismayed to see that many many beautiful books were being dropped by the big publishing houses and thus was birthed our desire to preserve a fading literary legacy. 

We'd love to hear who are your favorite authors and illustrators? I've recently discovered The Seven Silly Eaters and adore the illustrations in that treasure. My two-year-old love the pictures in the Obadiah series by Brinton Turkle as well as the funky colorful pictures in Cynthia Rylant's The Relatives Came.  I can't wait until he's old enough to introduce him to the d'Aulaires' books. 

What about you? Which books do you remember from your childhood? Which ones do your children love?

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