Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Helpful Resources

At BFB we want to make your home schooling experience rewarding and as straightforward as possible. To that end we have several online (free!) resources you may not know about. In order to help you find them, we're featuring them on our blog today. They range from parental support groups to printables, educational articles, and much more. We hope you find them helpful, and if you have ideas for other ways we can help you, please let us know!

Online Support:
There are two places where you can access the expertise of other home schooling parents who use Yahoo Beautiful Feet Homeschoolers group. This is an entirely independent group of home schooling parents who have come together to help one another, provide support, and source materials. It's a wonderful, friendly, supportive group! Samantha is the moderator and she does a lovely job and is a wealth of information. There is another fake BFBUsers Yahoo group that you're going to want to steer clear of as it's just a spam group. If you use the link above, you'll get to the right place.

The other place to connect with other BFB users is the "Beautiful Feet" Curriculum ~ Parent to Parent Support group on Facebook. This group had been quiet for a while but has seen a huge uptick in activity in the past few months. It's a great place to post questions!

Articles: With topics ranging from education approaches, why we believe in teaching American history first, how our educational system is letting down boys, curiosity, and much more, this archive is a wealth of information for everyone who cares about education.

Online Resources:

FAQ: We have a whole page of answers to FAQs on our website. Check it out here.

Company History: Don't know much about BFB? Start here 

Getting Started: A quick-start guide to using BFB is available here.

Free Downloads: Many of our study guides reference printable activities such as maps, illustrations, etc. Those are all available here.

Study Guide Sample Pages: Samples from all our study guides are available here. This page only provides one sample page from each guide, but if you're interested in seeing more, you can see multiple sample pages on each individual study guide website page, found here.


School and Co-op Discounts: Run a school or a co-op? You can purchase all your books through BFB at a great discount! Information here

We hope this little guide helps you find answers and guidance. If you ever have any question, please call us at 800.889.1978 or email us at letters (@) bfbooks (.) com. We love talking with you and are happy to help you walk through a plan for choosing your home school curriculum.

We would love to hear what you think! Chime in below in the comments section and share your thoughts. Don't forget to check out our Facebook and Pinterest pages.  To learn more about Beautiful Feet Books, click here.

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