Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Meet Jessica! And see what she has to say about our Early American History Primary!

Today, I'm excited to introduce you to Jessica. Jessica is a homeschool grad herself and is now homeschooling her two sons! She is going to be opening her home to share her journey of using our Early American History Primary over the next school year so we wanted to introduce you to her today. 

BFB: What originally drew you to homeschooling?
: My husband and I were both homeschooled from mid elementary through high school graduation, so it was a natural option for us to consider homeschooling our own two sons. Interestingly enough, my own mother was also homeschooled through the 1950s and 60s as a MK so our kids are third generation homeschoolers.

We were drawn to the idea of being able to train and equip our children to live in this world as useful, vibrant, loving people who are deeply grounded in God's Word and precepts.

We want to give our children a true love for learning–and as active boys with their own unique bends and quirks we are able to support and strengthen their strengths and encourage and develop their weaknesses in methods we trust will help feed the passion for learning. It is a fun and worthy challenge as parents to teach our children.

BFB: How long have you been homeschooling?
Jessica: My oldest is starting third grade and we have always homeschooled him.
I remember ordering homeschool catalogs soon after he was born–SO much has changed since I was homeschooled and I just wanted to casually browse through the options so it wasn't so overwhelming when our turn came to pick out books.

BFB: What has been the greatest joy of homeschooling? The greatest challenge?
Jessica's worksheets for her boys to use with our history!

Jessica: I thoroughly enjoy the freedom and beauty of educating my children at home–to spark their interests, to watch their minds come alive, and to challenge them in to deeper concepts. It has been a great joy to mold their "curriculum" to their unique beings; strengthening both strengths and weaknesses in them in a gentle manner.

The greatest challenge is that it can become so easy to get stuck in the monotonous day to day that I lose sight of the big picture. When I am with them all the time it is hard to see progress on any sort of scale–as someone who loves seeing results it can be a challenge to remember that we are in this for a lifetime (well, the span of their school years!) and that we are building something bigger that cannot be measured on a day to day scale.

BFB: How did you discover BFB?
Jessica: I am pretty sure the discovery came back when my oldest was an infant and I found BFB in a catalog. I cannot recall! However, as a Charlotte Mason enthusiast, I have had many dear friends share their love for BFB, which definitely piqued my interest further.

Jessica is going to be sharing her experience of using BFB over the next months on her blog and Instagram! Check them out! We can't wait to see what she shares! Here's a direct link to her very first entry on using BFB!

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