Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Time Capsule from 1795!

Image source: Museum of Fine Arts

Photo credit Bernice Corpuz/WBZ
Last night was an exciting night at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. For a long time it's been one of my very favorite museums and if you're ever in Boston, you should definitely plan a visit. Last night the museum was in the spotlight because experts at the museum opened what is believed to be the oldest time capsule in the US!

The time capsule was discovered last month from the cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House! Inside the capsule was a silver plate that explained that the box was placed in the cornerstone by Gov. Samuel Adams and Paul Revere in 1795! How amazing is that?

More information on the contents, history, and how it was opened here and here. Can you believe that it took someone five hours to unscrew the screws holding the box shut? The MFA blog has a great and detailed article here.

This is the second time capsule opened in Boston in the past six months! The first was found inside a famous statue in Boston and is 113 years old. More info here.

All of this gets me thinking about putting together my own time capsule. If you were to put one together with your family what would you include? Have you ever put together a time capsule? To celebrate this amazing piece of history, let's put together our own time capsules! Post a picture here in the comments section so we can see what everyone includes. I'm so excited to see what everyone includes!

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