Friday, November 15, 2013

Stock up for Christmas

We've recently launched a "Closeouts" section on our website. Here we will be listing books we will no longer be carrying due to study guide updates, changes in supplier, etc. These are all quality books that we have carried for years but simply no longer have room to warehouse. All books are discounted 15-35% meaning you can stock up on some extra readers or load up on stocking stuffers. Here are some of my personal favorites from the closeouts page:

Anna and the King by Margaret Landon
Anna Leonowens, a proper Englishwoman, was an unlikely candidate to change the course of Siamese (Thai) history. A young widow and mother, her services were engaged in the 1860's by King Mongkut of Siam to help him communicate with foreign governments and be the tutor to his children and favored concubines. Stepping off the steamer from London, Anna found herself in an exotic land she could have only dreamed of, a lush landscape of mystic faiths and curious people, and a king's palace bustling with royal pageantry, ancient custom, and harems. One of her pupils, the young prince Chulalongkorn, was particularly influenced by Leonowens and her western ideals. Anna taught him about Abraham Lincoln and the tenets of democracy and years later he would become Siam's most progressive king. He guided the country's transformation from a feudal state to a modern society, abolishing slavery and making many other radical reforms. This would make an excellent gift for the adventurous girl in your life! Currently available for $3.46! 

Caddie Woodlawn's Family by Carol Ryrie Brink
I must have read this book a dozen times as a child. I loved the original Caddie Woodlawn stories and was thrilled when I discovered this sequel. Featuring more adventures of Caddie and her brothers, I'll never forget reading about them stealing watermelons, engaging in cattail fights, and adopting baby animals. You'll also hear of a young preacher doing a favor for a wandering Indian, a poor girl revealing a surprising talent at a medicine show, and Caddie ruining her new dress at the Independence Day celebration. Caddie Woodlawn's Family is sure to capture your attention and your heart. Grab a copy for family read-aloud time while supplies last. Currently 25% off!

Also available are four wonderful CDs featuring the stories and music of Mozart, Vivaldi, Tchaikovski, and Bach. All of these would make wonderful Christmas gifts as so many of our Christmas songs were written by these musical geniuses. All are currently available for 30% off!

These treasures and more can all be found on our website! But remember, they're only available while supplies last so take this opportunity to expand your library and stock up on Christmas gifts! 

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