Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Tools for Mom's Sanity


Growing up in the Berg household not only meant that books were an integral part of my childhood, it also meant that my siblings and I were expected to help pitch in on everything from family chores to renovation projects as well as work for Beautiful Feet Books. In the early years of starting this little company this meant lots of hands-on assembling of product. Whether we were helping with time line assembly, spiral binding study guides, addressing catalogs, or checking in book shipments, you could be sure that there was some sort of educational cassette tape playing in the background. More often than not, it was one of the recordings from Your Story Hour. As there are a limitless number of hours in which we could work, and only a limited number of YSH recordings, we soon had them memorized and were always happy to hear that there were new CDs available.

These stories are such a part of my childhood! Me and my brothers and sisters listened to them so many times we had every word, musical transition, and sound effect memorized! The same thing happened with the Music Masters' CDs. In addition to listening to them while working, they were also played during afternoon quiet times and I think were a key to my mom staying sane while raising four young children, homeschooling them, and starting a home business. So, if you're looking for a screen-free way to keep your children entertained (and quiet!), I'd highly suggest stocking up on these! Right now we're having a blow-out sale! They're all 30% off! And 13 sets available, that's a lot of quiet time!

The Patterns of Destiny Series features 12 CDs with the stories of Clara Barton, Joan of Arc, George Washington Carver, Florence Nightingale, Paul Bunyan and many more.

The Heritage of Our Country Series is a 12 CD collection featuring the exciting lives of Booker T. Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Christopher Columbus, Benjamin Franklin, Marty Marion, and more!


There are 11 Great Stories Collections that each feature six CDs and have the dramatized stories of historical figures as well as fictional tales. 

All are on sale now! Check them out here

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  1. I have to agree that books on CD/audio dramatizations are AWESOME! We are huge fans of Adventures in Odyssey, Brinkman Adventures and the Sugar Creek Gang! Now we are going to start collecting the Your Story Hour sets. :)