Monday, January 07, 2013

E-books on the decline

We've talked about the emergence of e-books and you all chimed in. Most of you said that you really didn't think there was any sort of substitute to the real paper-and-ink book. And apparently most people agree with you!

Here's a great article on the diminishing market share of e-readers.
Don't Burn Your Books–Print Is Here To Stay


  1. I am shocked that people don't like e-readers. I love mine! Don't get me wrong - I want all my favorite books in paper and ink, but I do not have a house big enough for all the books I want to own. My e-reader has made it possible for me to own lots of books (many for free) that I would not be able to purchase and house in my home! I guess I need to read the original blog to understand where you are coming from. Glad all of you have hundreds, yea thousands of dollars to spend on all those book; but I don't.

  2. Interesting. I would not be using e-books if my husband hadn't kindly suggested it. Being a military family, the weight of moving all these wonderful books gets to be a burden. So I'm trying. Right now I do a mix of both, for personal reading and for homeschooling.

    I agree with the article that books I really want to keep, I prefer printed. I cringe at paying the same or near the same amount for an e-book as I would for the printed version. So I don't buy new, expensive e-books, mainly just the old stuff that is often free.