Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Feeling Disconnected?

I want to share with you, our dear readers, a fantastic resource. A few years ago one of our customers started a Yahoo group for homeschooling parents using Beautiful Feet Books curriculum. The group has grown over the years and is now moderated by the talented Samantha Millard.

I have been so blessed by seeing the interactions in this group. People submit thoughtful questions about topics related to using BFB, how to best teach their children, finding supplemental resources, and much more. People provide feedback on curriculum, share their experiences, and generously give of their time. There are also discussions that have nothing to do with using BFB curriculum. This is a discussion board where people are kind, encouraging, and thoughtful in their comments. It's such a contrast from so much of what happens in online discussion forums!

There are currently some great discussions going on in the group. Topics like "Are you planning for next year yet?" and "High School Literature" as well as questions of what to do with children in specific grade levels. If you aren't a member already I would highly suggest that you sign up. This is a group of wise and gracious women.

Occasionally, I'll pop on there if there are specific inquiries related to aspects of the curriculums, but for the vast majority of interactions, you will be able to connect with other parents who are seeking the best options for their children and are excited about teaching using living books!

You can join up by clicking here or pasting this link in your brower:

I hope that you find it to be as encouraging and enlightening a resource and I have!

This discussion board is in no way sponsored by Beautiful Feet Books and is entirely independent.  

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful words, Rebecca! We would love to welcome anyone needing encouragement, information, ideas, support, or just someone to talk to as we homeschool our children using your great curriculum.