Monday, May 21, 2012

The Great Homeschool Convention

I just wanted to let any of our readers in California know that this weekend we will be at the Great Homeschool Convention in Long Beach, CA. If you are planning on attending, we would love to see you so stop by our booth to say hi. You'll also have the chance to hear Rea speak!

She will be giving two workshops and if you need inspiration in your homeschooling journey, her talks never fail to encourage. She is speaking on two topics close to her heart, so come come to the workshops and be sure to say hi afterwards.

The Great Homeschool Convention is in Long Beach this weekend, beginning at noon on Thursday. If you want to go and haven't registered, check out their website for details. The GHC provides a wonderful place for home schoolers to gather together, be encouraged and inspired, and meet fellow partners in this journey of educating the next generation.

If you're interested in hearing Rea, here are the necessary details:

"Home Schooling with Passion and Creativity"
Thursday, May 24, 4-6PM, Room 201A:
If the pressure of academic success is robbing your home school experience of joy and passion,

perhaps a time of refreshing and reevaluation is in order. In this session, we will look at how
many of the most popular paradigms in contemporary home education often leave the student
bored and uninspired while driving the parent/teacher to distraction and disillusion. How can we
embrace the notion that "Education is a life" and apply that through principles of passion and
creativity? A look at the lives of such notable "misfits" as Thomas Alva Edison, Winston
Churchill, Florence Nightingale and others will inspire you to help your child find their passion and tap
into their God-given gifts of creativity.

"Classic Literature for Little Folks"
Friday, May 25, 2:30-3:30PM, Room 201A

Introducing classic literature to preschool and primary grade children is one of life's most rewarding,
engaging, and enjoyable endeavors! There is quite possibly nothing more essential to the emotional and
spiritual well being of our children than the affirmation of holding a little one on our lap for story time. The power of the spoken word in these moments builds bonds of security, creates the capacity for
empathy, and forms the imaginative powers of the mind. In this seminar we will explore the power of
story, and look at the authors who have polished the touchstone of truly great literature for children.

Be sure to confirm this information once you arrive at the convention, as last minute changes can alway mean a change of room or time. 

We love meeting our customers and fellow home schoolers and look forward to seeing many of you there! 

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  1. My husband and I enjoyed the convention. We made it by your booth and Rea spoke to us about some great picks for our eight year old who will be studying Creation to the Greeks next year. We missed the workshops, but got the CDs and look forward to listening to them. Thank you for coming out to California.