Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Review: Adapting BFB for personal beliefs

Image from Raising da Vinci
We at Beautiful Feet Books write from our convictions as Christians and many of our studies include scripture verses and character lessons. We also put a lot of time and effort into each of our study guides to insure that they're as adaptable and easy-to-use as possible. This means that many secular homeschoolers also use our studies and find them easy to adapt to their personal beliefs. After all, good literature is a universal language!

Check out this review from Amanda from Raising da Vinci on how she and her son enjoyed the great literature selections from our Early American History for Primary Grades study. Here's a short excerpt that has been edited for brevity:

"I love so many things about this curriculum. I love how easy the study guide was to read (an inside look is shown below), which makes planning our day super easy (which is SO important with younger kids)...I love that the lessons are short...I love the book choices. SERIOUSLY AMAZING BOOKS!...I love that there is no set order you have to go through the curriculum...I also love that many of these books (depending on your child’s reading level) kids can read themselves... But mostly….I LOVE that they are living books. Kids learn best from stories rather than dry facts from a history book. "
Read the whole beautifully written and photographed review here.

Thank you Amanda!

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