Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Melissa introduces our Ancient History...

Melissa at Reflections from Drywood Creek is going to be using our A Literature Approach to Ancient History this year. She will be sharing her family's experience in regular blog posts and this is the first! 

It occurred to me that I keep mentioning the fact that we'll be using Beautiful Feet this year, but I really haven't shared the plan so here goes.  RileyAnn will be using Beautiful Feet Ancient History as her primary curricula for 7th grade.  She's really excited about the great books she'll be reading and I'm very pleased with the intermediate level book choices as well.  Here's the list of suggested resources and literature used in the guide, as well as a little bit about our plan for each suggested resource:

BF Ancient History guide - We will be using the first half or intermediate section of the guide, which was written for 5th - 8th grade.  The guide is intended to be completed in one traditional school year...continued here.  

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