Tuesday, July 05, 2016

2nd Annual D'Aulaire Sale!

2nd Annual D'Aulaire Special

Just $10 each for a limited time!

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We have had the privilege of publishing the beloved works of Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire for over twenty years. Last year we offered these amazing children's books for just $10 each and we're doing it again! For those that missed out or have yet to discover these classics you have another opportunity! From July 5th to July 15th you can get one or all seven D'Aulaire biographies for just $10 each. Here's what our customers have to say:

"The D'Aulaire books are a no-brainer for any family, even if you aren't homeschooling."

"Every family should own this set of books!"

"Love the D'Aulaire's books! Not only are they great stories, but the pictures are beautiful."

"I'm thrilled to have my kids reading them."

"So well written that the line between learning and enjoying a fascinating book becomes, as it should be, happily blurred."

"The D'Aulaire books are hands down the best biographies for young students."

"They capture my kids attention (and mine too!)"

"Engaging stories woven together with rich words and beautiful illustrations."

"These books are these most beautifully illustrated children's biographies to be found!"

"We love them and will read them over and over."

See the recent feature on Abraham Lincoln in Publishers Weekly.
(Limited time offer. Not to be combined with other discounts or offers.)

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Why BFB?

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