Thursday, August 20, 2015

There's still a couple places!

Rea's back to school event is quickly filling up! She's added Early American History to the topics covered so if you're teaching that time period or Medieval and Renaissance or Modern American and World History, here's your chance to be inspired for the coming school year! Here's the details:

Hello Friends,
I still have room in my Back-to-School Literature Soirée coming up on August 29th!  If you would like to come or have friends that might be interested please 
spread the word!  We are going to have a wonderful day getting inspired and challenged as we look at the amazing literature of the Middle Ages (King Arthur, Robin Hood, Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, Joan of Arc, Scottish ChiefsA Thousand and One Nights, etc. etc.) the Renaissance (and the best books to explore the wonder of Renaissance ideas!).  I will also present on Early American History and Modern American.  These two studies will flow right into each other and introduce some amazing literature that I think you'll find inspiring and a joy to share with your students.  I'm still waiting to hear if there is interest in a Poetry in the Home session! 

Here is all the info and a link to sign up!  Hope to see you there.

Date: Saturday, August 29, 2015
Time: 9:30 am -3:30 pm
Place: 1306 Mill Street, San Luis Obispo
Cost: $30 (which includes lunch)
Make your reservation here.

I've received interest in the following time periods: Renaissance & MedievalEarly American, Modern America & World (Civil War to Contemporary–based on our two new guides) and/or a session on Poetry in the Home.  Each of the former historical periods will be explored through the best literature to use across various grade levels. For the Poetry in the Home session, the currently popular trend focused on memorization of facts highlights the importance of what we set the minds of our children to memorize. This powerful faculty is critical to cognitive development, but can be infinitely effective in cultivating a sense of humor, facilitating joy in the family, and encouraging moral and ethical awareness.  Some ladies mentioned they would like to have books for purchase at the Soirée, so if that is something you'd like to see please let me know.
•Please note this is a Lady's event.  We do hope to offer a couple's event some time early 2016, so watch for that.  Also, nursing babies 4 months and under are welcome to attend with their mamas.  

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