Friday, August 29, 2014

Recent Reviews!

One of our favorite homeschool reviewers, Cathy Duffy, recently reviewed a couple of our products. If you aren't familiar with Cathy, she is a fixture in the home school community. People have trusted Cathy to tell them what products are worth their time and treasure. She brings years of experience to her role as curriculum specialist and her book 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum is a gold standard for thousands of parents trying to pick the best curriculum for their children. A homeschool mom herself, Cathy began teaching her three sons in 1982 and continued all the way through high school. Here are links to her reviews of a couple BFB products:

A Child's First Book of American History by Earl Schenck Miers. 
Cathy says "A Child’s First Book of American History is one of the few children’s history books that you might want to buy in the hard cover edition because you will probably want to hold on to it forever." We agree and are so thrilled to be able to make this book available for a new generation of readers. You can read the complete and detailed review here.

"Beautiful Feet Books has brought back into print some of my favorite books for world history for upper elementary grades through high school...The beauty of these books is the storytelling approach to history. Foster begins with the day the key person was born and traces “goings-on” around the world throughout his lifetime. Foster makes the connections between people and events all around the globe that are usually lacking in textbooks. Because of this approach, even George Washington’s World is a world history study. If you read these in chronological sequence you cover world history fairly well for the time periods they reflect." The Foster Collection is one of Cathy's Top 101 Picks! Full review here.

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