Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Early American History Updated and Expanded

As many of you know we are currently working on expanding and updating all of our study guides! While this is a long-term project that will be accomplished over several years, we're are so excited about the guides we have completed. Our most recent is our Early American History for Intermediate Grades. Now in full-color, complete with hands-on activities, links to amazing websites, expanded comprehension questions and writing assignments, and much more! The book list now incorporates A Child's First Book of American History and covers more of the Civil War.

Now included in our expanded Early American History study for grades 4-6!!
Literature still includes favorites like Amos Fortune, Free Man and The Vikings but the inclusion of An Child's First Book of American History allows for deeper study and the inclusion of a more events!

Here's a peak at some of the lessons, just click on each picture to zoom in.

We hope you enjoy this expanded study! And remember, we're now offering free shipping on all our complete packs so now's a great time to order for the coming school year.

Early American History for Intermediate Jumbo Pack

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  1. I am using your updated Primary/Early Elementary Guide for Early American History and I love it! I plan on using the updated Medieval Guide this next year, but I wish you had kept it as one guide. My new high schooler needs to be able to read/do selections from both Middle Grades and High School and I loved that your old guide had that option. But, love the look of the new!