Friday, May 16, 2014

Student Spotlight: Ethan

Today I'm excited to share with you a project done by Ethan. He's 14 and has been working his way through our Medieval History Through Literature study guide for grades 5-9. His mom sent us one of his assignments and I loved it so much I had to share it with you!

Here's the assignment:
"For the section on Joan of Arc it is suggested that the student create a series of newspapers with various articles on the life and times of Joan. Create a title for the paper that is appropriate to the time period along with author names for each article. For the first article research 15th century Paris. Write an article on your findings. A possible title would be "Unacceptable Living Conditions Uncovered in Paris" or "Reporter Finds Streets in Disrepair in Latin District" or "Boy Rescues Baby from Seine". Be creative! Include imagined interviews, editorials, and illustrations to give the reader a feel for the time period."

As with all the assignments in our study guide, we encourage parents and students to be creative and take them in new directions if that works better for their particular learning style. And that's just what Ethan did. Click on the images below to see the creative articles that Ethan wrote for his newspaper The Daily Joan.

I asked Ethan to answer a few questions about his studies and experiences in writing and he graciously agreed. Thank you so much Ethan!

RM: Where did you get the ideas for your individual articles?
EH: The front page article was chosen from a list of prompts from the study guide. The Siege of Orleans and Joan's trial and execution were, to me, the two most important events.

RM: Did you enjoy reading about Joan of Arc?
EH: I enjoyed it [Joan of Arc: Warrior Saint] a lot, it was probably one of the best books from this study.

RM: What has been your favorite book from the study?
EH: I wouldn't say that I have one favorite, but the three books I enjoyed the most were, The Kite Rider, Castle, and Queen Eleanor.

RM: Are you interested in journalism and/or writing?
EH: In 2012, I was one of the editors of a small newspaper that was put together for my homeschool journalism class. Also, as part of National Novel Writing Month, I wrote a short novel in 2011 called The Golden Lion, and am working on finishing another titled, Catastrophe.

RM: Do you enjoy studying history?
EH: History is one of my favorite subjects, specifically American history.

Thank you so much Ethan for sharing your work with us! If you ever want to share your novels, I'm sure there are other BFB students who would love to read them. All the best with the rest of your school year.

If your student has a project they would like to share, please email me (rebecca at bfbooks dot com). We'd love to highlight their work.

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  1. This is wonderful to see. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am very impressed b with your writing. Keep up the creativity. Finish that novel, would love to read .

  3. I am very impressed b with your writing. Keep up the creativity. Finish that novel, would love to read .

  4. I enjoy seeing the fruit of BF labor :))

    I attempted to send a sample of our dd's work to Rebecca's e-mail address above, but it came back with a mailer daemon saying the "mailbox size limit exceeded". Are there other options for submission?