Friday, February 28, 2014

Fun Links for the Weekend

Here at BFB we love reading articles, books, and other blogs relating to history, education, and social studies. We would love to be able to write full blog entries on every interesting article we come across but that just isn't possible! So, we're going to provide a weekly roundup of interesting articles and post it each Friday. We hope you enjoy reading these links as much as we have! It's always good to have a reminder that history is the fascinating story of people just like us!

Historical menus - anyone feel like trying boar's head? 

Encouraging reminders for homeschooling moms.  

Letting kids run free may have some unexpected benefits!

Hugely popular historical twitter feed is run by two teenagers.

Can quitting actually be a beneficial skill?

treasure trove of photographs of Queen Victoria will go on display at the Getty Center.

Children should be allowed to lose.

Today in history.

A suggestion for one of our favorite read-alouds.

Have a fantastic weekend.

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