Monday, April 22, 2013

Raising Educated People by Jerram Barrs

Today I want to share with you an article by a professor at Covenant Seminary in Saint Louis, MO. I was once able to sit in on several classes taught by Jerram Barrs while my husband was studying at Covenant over nine years ago. I was struck by Mr. Barrs' humility and kindness and wonderfully engaged sense of wonder. His article, "Raising Educated People" speaks to the challenges faced by parents who are having to battle against the onslaught of television, postmodernism, and consumerism to engage with their children. We've talked quite a bit about these issues in the past but I wanted to share the wisdom of a man who has raised three sons and is now looking back on those memories. The article is excellent and I highly recommend reading it. You can access it here.  


  1. Thank you. That was encouraging and challenging. I was wondering about the television and video game part. We do limit but still have them. And I've wondered how you know if too much is being "consumed." I liked the idea of seeing what they do after the electronic is off. I will purpose to observe that this week.

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